The second album “Cobra Coded Escalation” gives an insight into Travailleurs En Trance's (TET) mercenary missions in Southeast Asia. What you hear is not just movie samples, it’s real, the band has actually been there!

With this album, TET take their style one step further by creating an unbearable inferno of danceable digital synthesizer assaults, agitating combat samples and damn cool lyrics.

While the action is hot, the sound is mostly cold as ice; cold as the blood running through a mercenary's veins. Deceptive melodies are cutting like lasers through the smoke of explosions.

The concept album features remixing work and mastering by Front 242’s Daniel B.

Band members: CS and RI
Label: Manoeuvre records

Type: Jewel DVD case
Title: Cobra Coded Escalation
Release date: 1. May 2008

01 Cobra Reporting In
02 Calibre
03 Synchronized! (Duel With CK)
04 New Style Gun King
05 Endure To Cure (Medexpert V2.8)
06 The Megaforce
07 Mercenary Dinner
09 The New Commando
10 Der Weg Zu Dong (Part I)
11 American Eagle
12 On Floating Bodies
13 Was Weisst Du über Omega?
14 Embody
15 We Know Him From Nam
16 American Cabra Commando VIII
17 Fatal Revenge
18 Chassez Le Tueur!
19 Hexadecimal Combat Beat
20 Red Spot (Annihilated Khmer Rouge Mix)
21 Ein Mann Hat Keine Grenzen
22 Gegen An! (Arbeiter 2)
23 1989
24 Tanzwang!
25 Anti-American Crap
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