Since the early 80's, Front 242's ever-growing fan base has proven to be the fifth member of the band. A unique communion between fan and artist that has grown and matured over the course of more than 2 decades. An interactive relationship that has displayed its intensity during every “tour de force" live performance where the energy of the audience seamlessly unites with the energy of the band, together creating an incredible experience, an experience witnessed by thousands around the globe.

To thank the Front 242 community for 25 years of staunch support through their quite unusual path, Patrick Codenys, Daniel B., Jean-Luc De Meyer and Richard 23 have decided to offer their steadfast fans a true and rich treasure, the first official Front 242 live DVD showing the band at its best during the impressive August 2004 performance in Lokeren (Belgium).

Dedicated to the true and privileged Front 242 activists, the band has decided to offer "Catch The Men" as an intimate release with only the dedicated fan in mind.

This is your opportunity to own a true piece of music history on DVD, immortalizing the legend and genius of Front 242.

Track listing
01 Happiness
02 Body to Body
03 Religion
04 Together
05 Im Rhythmus Bleiben
06 Crapage
07 Animal
08 First In First Out
09 Moldavia
10 Melt
11 Headhunter
12 Welcome To Paradise
13 Punish Your Machine
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